Best of Alabama NewsCenter 2020: Alabama Music Makers inductee Brad Allen who goes by the stage name B.R.A.D. (Be Real About Destiny) is a Guitarist, Producer and SongWriter who's musical approach, and sound is uniquely his own. With God's hand, a passion for music and only two professional lessons, this self-taught musician began playing guitar in 1995. A native of Birmingham, Alabama  B.R.A.D. was exposed to music at a very young age. It all began while hearing his mother, grandparents, aunts and uncles singing and playing in church. Also his father who would introduce both he and his fraternal twin brother to the music of his generation. From Micheal Jackson to Prince, Sade and Gino Vannelli; to James Taylor and Ricky Lee Jones, the music of the 80’s was the emergence of dance music and new wave. But he was also a lover of jazz artist and legends like The Pat Metheny Group, George Benson, Earl Klugh, Chick Corea, Spyro Gyra and The Rippingtons. Those artist and many others would in many ways spark, and birth his interest in music early on.

Believe it or not but B.R.A.D. wasn't always known for his musical gifts. In fact it was his athletic ability that gained the attention early on. B.R.A.D. played multiple sports but he excelled as a Quarterback. He was voted by the Birmingham News as the 1996 1A High School Quarterback Alternate. However he would trade it all in to “Quarterback" his first band, a decision that would soon land him on some of Alabama's most prestigious stages! From the Alabama Theatre, the Alys Stephens Center, WorkPlay, Birmingham’s City Stage Festival and countless others throughout the state B.R.A.D. embraced the challenge!

In the late 90’s while attending college at the University of Alabama At Birmingham he would reunite and share the stage with Birmingham’s "Velvet Teddy Bear" Ruben Studdard and Grammy Nominated musician and producer Alvin Garrett. He would soon play some of Alabama's most prestigious stages; The Alabama Theatre, The Alys Stephens Center, WorkPlay, Birmingham’s City Stages, Festivals and countless others. B.R.A.D. gifted hands have afforded him the opportunities to record and share the stage with some of  the music industry greats; Gospel Artist Vickie Winans, Gospel Artist Micah Stampley, Grammy Nominated Producer and musician Kevin Wooten, Grammy Winner Sebastian Kole and Gospel Artist Michael Stuckey. He has also worked with Sunday's Best finalist Maurice Griffen, Saxophonist Antonio Allen, West Byrd, Saxophonist Kenny Williams, Henry Panion, the late and legendary Cleve Eaton and many others.

In addition to his role as a band leader his most rewarding experiences were serving in local church music ministries; Faith Chapel Christian Center ,The Guiding Light Church, HopeWorld Outreach Ministries, Birmingham Southern College One -A- Chord Choir and many others. 

In 2007 B.R.A.D. turned his passion for others in a different direction. For well over a decade B.R.A.D. gifted hands have honorably served Professionally as a Firefighter and First Responder on the front lines of Covid19, burning buildings and aiding the sick and injured. "I've seen the unimaginable as well as the most beautiful of life moments; creating and performing music is how I escape". Whether saving and or touching the lives of others as a Firefighter/First Responder or through music his passion for others is what drives and motivates him. 

Today B.R.A.D. humbly embarks on a New journey in radio, television, movie and film.  As he unlocks upwards of two decades of musical expressions he believes is inspired by his life experiences. Past meets present as B.R.A.D. emerges from the shadows to the fore front with a brand new Freshman album release that's sure to capture the ears, hearts and more importantly ministers to the spirit man worldwide.